Changing the Economy One Business at a Time


 When the economy is uncertain we see schemes and products come and go by the millions. Gurus, coaches and consultants offer up ideas on how to change our world. The government shuts down and then starts back up. No one seems to have the answer and everyone seems to be at odds.

Every day many of us ask ourselves: How can we change the American economy?  How can we make a difference today for a fellow entrepreneur or business leader? Will we forever be dominated by a massive and greedy corporate culture dominated by big government?

Can anyone make a difference? Will things ever change?

Well, as droves of driven, hardworking individuals quietly leave the corporate world in one way or the other to redefine their lives it’s clear that the heart of the American economy is still with the entrepreneur. It’s the spirit of individualism and toughness that drives us and steadily and surely, America is returning to its Mom and Pop roots.

In Pennsylvania a waitress opens a retail dress shop to support her extended family. In Florida an Angel Investor funds a business incubator and co working space chock full of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses. In Minnesota two men set out to create a national network where entrepreneurs can train, develop and grow into successful and self sustaining enterprises. .

And looking at these examples you might ask yourself: How are these people setting out to change the American economy? They are banding together. They are specifically working to make things better by creating pragmatic solutions and spaces where businesses can support each other. They are bartering. They are co-branding. They are united and  mostly they are refusing to participate in the current economy. They are inventing, creating and changing lives.

And beneath the radar…behind the scenes American entrepreneurs are helping each other become solid and successful by mentoring, building and sharing knowledge.



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