Interning At Master Networks South Florida by Savanna Leigh

Going into the job world, they always tell you that you need three things: a degree, anamazing resume, and rockstar networking skills. Learning this, and also being told I had to have an internship to graduate, made me come to the conclusion that I should intern for one of the top networking organizations in the nation… Master Networks.

 My Master Networks internship was very unconventional and I think that is what helped me the most. I would learn first hand how to network and also get real life examples on what to do and what definitely not to do. You find out that most people aren’t the best networkers and that you can also learn from their mistakes.

I should mention that my degree is in Public Relations and, if you are familiar with this career path, networking is one of the only ways to be successful in public relations. You have to know how to communicate properly and network, network, NETWORK!

With this internship, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had briefly been given information on what my duties would be; however, you never can be prepared for live networking events.

We would meet once a week, either at breakfast or lunch, and we would go through the recommended Master Networks meeting criteria. My job was to get everything set up for the meetings and also to work on gaining new members and, overall, learning how to network. My main supervisor was Nikki Bechtol, and it did help that I was also her employee, because she would give me various assignments for MN that would include cold calling possible attendees, pitching MN to various clients, even a few press releases and social media tactics.

Overall, I was very pleased with my Master Networks internship. I learned valuable information that I definitely would not of had the chance to gain in a classroom setting. For any current college student looking to gain internship credit or networking skills, I highly recommend looking into interning for Master Networks.

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